Android: Google wireless app development platform.

Citi: Global financial titan wounded by subprime missteps.

Clearwire: WiMax ISP founded by Craig McCaw.

Cover2Go: SMS based accident insurance provider owned by Metropolitan.

Firethorn: Mobile payments start-up with carrier grade team, acquired by Qualcomm.

Hispanic National Mortgage Association: For-profit, mission-driven finance company focused on the primary and secondary markets for Hispanic mortgages.

Merrill Lynch: Bulge bracket investment bank singed by subprime debacle.

Obopay: Silicon Valley mobile payments startup.

Payoneer: Private label prepaid debit card provider with attractive pricing.

Prosper Marketplace: Impressive peer-to-peer auction platform for medium term consumer credit.

Verizon Wireless: Proving that hundreds of millions in advertising a five word slogan actually works.

Zopa UK: Innovative social lending platform in the UK.

Zopa US: Credit union intermediated social lending platform in the US.


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